What We Provide

Fire Safety Management

· Assess, improve and design fire strategies for all site types
· Introduce robust fire safety procedures and risk based inspection programmes
· Introduce new document systems and assess the suitability and legality of current safety provisions.
· Technical Advice – New and existing buildings, material alterations and following MHCLG releases
· Fire Risk Assessments that comply with the requirements of the Fire Safety Order and are PAS 79 compliant
· Carry out a review of existing risk assessments and the provision of action plans to remedy significant findings, including the management of tendering and contractual processes.

Other Services

· The construction and design of Safety Cases
· The construction and design of the Fire and Emergency File
· Fire Safety advice and support in line with Dame Judith Hackitts recommendations report
· Auditing of current Fire Risk Assessments
· The construction and design of Fire Risk Management systems according to BS9997
· Fire Safety Training for Building Safety Managers
· Advice on High Risk Residential Building’s
· Advice on the Fire Alarm provision for your buildings
· Advice on Approved Document ‘B’ Fire Safety

Fire Risk Management Control Principles

Ensure compliance with the statutory obligations under the Fire Safety Order

Ensure that your organisation only employs the services of approved and accredited fire professionals, such as those registered with the Institute of Fire Engineers (or other recognised body), and that the organisation only uses the services of third party accredited fire risk assessors to conduct risk assessments on high life risk premises.

Ensure the organisation adopts a risk-based frequency programme for its fire risk assessments, and that all fire risk assessments are subject to technical challenge a suitably qualified fire professional.

Ensure that regular liaison takes place between the organisation and Local Authority Fire Service Enforcement Teams.

Ensure that the organisation strives to go beyond the minimum requirements and adopt Best Practice in addition to complying with its legal obligations.

Ensure that support arrangements are in place to manage the Fire Risk Management Plan

Ensure that the organisation provides suitable training to those responsible for fire safety

Ensure that the organisation has procedures in place for the auditing of the Fire Risk Management Plan and that corrective actions are an integral part of the process