Fire Strategy Services

Brad Walker EngTech, AIFireE, IFE Life Risk Register Fire Safety Manager

Brad Walker served with Lancashire Fire and Rescue for 30 years service. and worked in various departments throughout the service. He finished his career as an Area Fire Safety Manager for the Southern, Northern and Central Area’s of Lancashire.

He has various qualifications in Fire Safety, Fire Investigation and Management, and is a member of the Engineering Council and the Institute of Fire Engineers and is accredited by the Institute of Fire Engineers to carry out Fire Risk Assessments on High Life Risk premises.

For the past 4 years Brad has been working in the private sector and has conducted fire risk assessments on various premises from offices through to complex chemical plants. Whilst working as a fire safety consultant he has been project lead for designing and developing Fire Strategies for Burberry, Trafford Housing Trust and Equitix. He has also delivered Fire Safety Training to East Cheshire Council, Yorkshire Housing and Trust Inns.

Brad has just designed Trafford Housing Trusts BS9997 application, and following a successful audit they have become the first business in the country to be awarded the accreditation

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